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Buffalo Bore 350 Gr Jacketed Flat Nose 458 SOCOM Hunting & Sniping Ammunition 20 Rounds

This 458 SOCOM flavor is the load recommended if you want a jacketed bullet load for use on North America's biggest game animals. Here's why. The 350 grain JFN bullet is stiff. The tough construction would allow this bullet to be fired at 458 Win Mag velocities (2500+ fps) and not come apart on impact with big bones. So the 1700 fps muzzle velocity of our 458 SOCOM ammo is not enough velocity to mushroom this bullet upon impact with big bones, this means it penetrates deeply. This bullet has been shot into countless 2,000+ lb. buffalo and large coastal grizzlies when loaded into our 45-70 ammunition. So, at our 1700 fps, it will penetrate several feet (probably 5 feet) through living muscle and bone. This is enough penetration to kill the biggest Alaskan-Yukon moose, bison or grizzly. Never mind it is hyper-accurate when loaded into 458 SOCOM ammo. This load gives the high muzzle velocity of a lighter bullet, with the penetration of a heavier bullet, because of its construction. Buy online today!
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    458 SOCOM
  • Bullet Weight
    350 Grain
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    Jacketed Flat Nose
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