Safe Delivery


Hyatt Guns has arranged a secure, reliable safe delivery service for the convenience of customers in the Charlotte, NC metro area. SuperDuty Safe Delivery is a licensed and bonded delivery service with over 20 years experience providing full home installation – headed by Law Enforcement Officer Fred Crain.

Curbside Delivery
100-525 Lbs.$75-$150
550-1150 Lbs.$150-$230
1175 Lbs. + $240 and Up
Full Installation
100-525 Lbs.$165-$230
550-800 Lbs.$200-$275
850-1125 Lbs.$240-$350
1150 Lbs. +$325 and Up

Actual pricing is determined by SuperDuty Safe Delivery – the prices above are estimates only. Deliveries outside of the Greater Charlotte area are priced upon request

SuperDuty Safe Delivery also offers the following additional services:

  • Bolt Down (Approximately $20 – $50)
  • Custom Combination (Also available in our store for pickup orders)
  • Light Kit Installation
  • Electric Dehumidifier Rod Installation
  • Risers and Pedestals

Pick Up Instructions
If you do not wish to have your safe delivered: We will wrap your safe in protective foam, and put a strong cardboard box around it to keep it from being damaged in transit.

Pick-up Trucks are ideal for picking up most safes – much better than trailers! We will load the safe on your vehicle at no charge, and help you to secure it in place (please bring your own straps if tying it down will be necessary). We recommend that you leave the safe bolted to its pallet, but we will remove the pallet upon request. Pick up is easier than you think, and works best with safes up to 30 inches wide and 600 pounds.