Rugged Suppressors Micro30 7.62 Suppressor

PRICE: $1,049.98

The Rugged Micro 30 is a 7.62 silencer rated for up to 300 RUM. The Micro 30 allows users to swap between a 6.5" compact configuration, or an even shorter configuration coming it at only 5" long. Changing configurations is quick and simple, allowing shooters to easily change between the desired lengths.
A dual taper locking system keeps the Rugged Micro 30 from having any movement or play when mounted. Consistent pressure ensures a solid lockup and repeatable POI between uses, regardless of expansion from the metal heating and cooling.
A full stellite baffle stack gives the Micro 30 unmatched durability, allowing for extended full auto use on short barrels. Should a user happen to damage the suppressor through any means, Rugged has an unconditional lifetime warranty and will repair or replace the suppressor at no charge to the user.

Full-auto and magnum rated
Stellite baffle stack
Replaceable end caps

SKU: MIC01762