Intro to Reloading Class October 17

Taught by our expert reloading staff, this course will introduce you to the basics of reloading your own ammunition and will give you the basic knowledge to get started. The class is held at our retail store in Charlotte, NC.

With ammunition availability dwindling and prices going skyward, now is the time to learn the time-honored tradition of reloading your own ammunition. This hands-on, beginner’s class will teach you the basics in reloading your own rifle and handgun ammunition. The class will cover basic equipment requirements, techniques, safety, and the cost savings associated with reloading your own ammunition.

Must be 18 or accompanied by parent or guardian to take this class.

The class starts promptly at 9:00 a.m and ends at noon. Please click here to sign up online.

Ask Roger…How do you select a handgun for concealed carry?

Working in the largest gun shop in the United States I am asked a hundred opinion questions a day.  One question that is most frequently asked to each of the staff members at our shop is “What do you recommend for a good Concealed Carry handgun?”  This may seem like a fairly simple question.  We all have our favorite gun, one that we are the most comfortable with, that we carry.  It is akin to a pair of comfortable shoes, we may love those old shoes, but our neighbor may not.  So, after giving considerable thought to the question, I have developed a few easy factors to use to determine what gun to recommend to a new Concealed Carry Handgun holder. Continue reading Ask Roger…How do you select a handgun for concealed carry?

Buy Used and Save!

Everyone wants to save money these days and the best way for a shooter to do that is to buy your guns used. Hyatt Guns buys more used guns every day than most dealers buy in a month, so we always have something interesting to offer. Since we’re the area’s only true gunsmithing shop, we check out every gun before we list it. Plus, we offer you a no BS warranty. If you have trouble with the gun within the first year, we will either repair the gun or refund your money if we can’t.

We list used guns every day, so make sure you check out our used gun section regularly!

Hyatt Guns Offers Free Concealed Carry Class to Local Media

Hyatt Guns, America’s Largest Gun Shop, announced today that it’s offering a free concealed carry class to members of the local media. The move comes on the news of the cold-blooded murders of reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward in Virginia today.

“The video we saw today illustrates the vulnerability of our local media,” said Hyatt Guns owner Larry Hyatt. “We wanted to do everything in our power to ensure this doesn’t happen again. It’s been proven time and time again that a concealed carrier is significantly less vulnerable to an attack. We want to ensure that our media members have the ability to defend themselves.”

Hyatt Guns will teach the class at its location on Wilkinson Blvd. Times and dates will be announced soon.

“I encourage all members of the media to get in touch with us,” said Hyatt Guns Director of Marketing Justin Anderson. “We want to have a list of reporters interested in taking the class so we can get times and dates scheduled.”