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We Buy Guns

From one gun to 100 guns, Hyatt Guns is Charlotte’s largest purchaser of used guns, collectible guns and gun collections, as well as swords, militaria and more! We can purchase your gun or gun collection as well as accept it for trade-in. Unlike other shops in the area, we have the expertise to buy ALL guns. We pay cash on the spot, and legally remove guns from your name, ensuring a legal and hassle-free transfer.


Hyatt Guns provides firearm appraisal services both at the shop and at off-site locations depending on individual circumstances. The appraisals may be utilized for insurance purposes, sales, estate settlements, and as a general guide for private transactions. A fee is charged for this service and the amount charged will vary depending on the level of service required. Discretion is assured at all off-site locations. Certain firearms may require specialized equipment or lighting in order to complete an accurate appraisal. These firearms may need to be evaluated at the Hyatt Guns store location. Storage is also available upon request.

Appraisals are conducted by trained personnel with considerable experience in their field and in all levels of firearms. In many instances the original owner of the firearm(s) may have had extensive knowledge of the collection and a surviving partner may need assistance in obtaining realistic values by professionals with no personal interest in the firearms. This information can be valuable when interacting with relatives, potential buyers, attorneys and executors. The information available isn’t limited to value as there are numerous laws pertaining to the transfer of firearms which may be addressed by the appraiser.

Purchase Options

Should Hyatt Guns assist with the purchase of the firearms, there are options available. Auction is a great way to sell highly collectible and rare firearms. All recommended photographs, firearms descriptions, and Internet listings are completed by professionals. All storage, packaging, and shipping is handled by Hyatt staff. A consignment fee based on the selling price of the item(s) is charged to compensate for these services as well as the research needed to determine the minimum bid, gunsmith services to assure functional and appearance needs, and compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. This also covers credit card fees and collection of payment from buyers across the United States. Retention of sales records and documentation is completed by Hyatt Guns. Due to the interstate nature of some sales and the bidding process, it may take several weeks to complete sales and deliver payment to the sellers. Please note that this option is ONLY available for rare and highly collectible guns.

Individual firearms or entire collections may be purchased if immediate payment is desired and guns are less rare. Many of the same issues and services are required for immediate sales. A percentage of the determined value is retained by Hyatt Guns as payment for the firearms. This percentage is determined and agreed upon prior to the final sale. All documentation is processed by Hyatt Staff for a worry free transaction. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hyatt Guns.