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Laser Engraving

Hyatt Guns Gunsmithing Department is now offering laser engraving and cleaning services.

  • NFA/SBR/SBS marking…$50
  • Custom magazine
    • Our magazine, our design…$36+magazine price
    • Customer provided magazine, our design…$16
    • Custom design…starts at $45
  • Barrel caliber marking…$75
  • Monogramming…$50
  • Glock frame stippling
    • Unprepped…$350-425
  • Custom designs…$100 base price + work and time

Since this is a custom service, all prices are subject to change depending on specific job. Please email Cameron in our gunsmithing department for more info: laser@hyattguns.com.

Customize any magazine.
Knives are our specialty.