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Gun Estate Planning


Most real estate planners and lawyers don’t have the expertise required to protect your investment, know firearms laws, ensure appraised value is fair, transfer firearms legally and confirm recipients are prepared for ownership. Federal and state firearms laws are complex and failure to comply with these laws may result in criminal prosecution, stiff fines and forfeiture of guns.

Let Hyatt Guns create a Firearms Estate Plan for You With Hyatt Guns Firearms Estate Plan you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your firearms assets are protected, your wishes will be honored, correct value of your guns will be determined and transfers to your heirs are made legally.

Define Your Wishes

Together we determine how you would like your gun assets disposed. We can also help you declare who will be responsible for your firearms in the even you become disabled or are no longer legally responsible. Appraisals We will appraise your firearms and give you a real value of these assets. A list of all firearms and related products is developed including a description, legal categorization, serial numbers, and appraised retail and wholesale value. With more than 50 years of buying, selling and appraising guns, Hyatt Guns is uniquely qualified to provide the most accurate valuation of your firearms assets. In fact, many of the area’s legal firms use Hyatt Guns for this very purpose.

Should I Sell Now?

There are many reasons you might choose to turn your gun assets into cash now. The most important is to eliminate any burden on your family after your death. We are the largest buyer of gun collections in the area and we will pay you cash on the spot. In addition, we also offer consignment services that will allow us to put our massive marketing machine to work to sell your firearms legally and for the most the market will bring.

Disposition of Firearms

We will work with you to determine how you want your firearms distributed. Hyatt Guns will then execute the transfer of ownership through our Federal Firearms License.

Gun Trust

An alternative approach is to create a special purpose revocable living trust written to hold any firearm. This is especially important for Class 3 items such as silencers, short-barreled rifles and machine guns. The gun owner is the trustee and the beneficiary.

Program Costs

Cost of your personalized plan is based on the number of firearms involved, inclusion of Class 3 items, and complexity of disposition.

Contact Us Today

Please call us at 704-394-0387 or email us at estateplanning@hyattgunstore.com and we will be glad to answer any questions.