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Night Sights


Night Sight Installation Isn’t a DIY Project…Get them Installed by Our Experts

If you have a defensive gun, night sights aren’t just a nice option, they’re a requirement! Most defensive handgun instructors mandate night sights on your defensive pistol for good reason: They help you create that all-important sight picture in low-light situations.

NEVER try to install night sights yourself! Why? Night sights use a slightly radioactive isotope of tritium contained in a sapphire vials that allow them to glow without being “recharged” in daylight. These vials are extremely fragile when not installed on your gun and can very easily break during installation.

In addition, many guns require specialist tools for night sight installation. For example, Springfield’s XD and XDm pistols have sights installed at the factory with a “50-ton press” and they must be removed in a certain way to avoid damage the gun’s slide. Many 1911s require a staked front sight, which must be installed by a gunsmith. ALL guns require care and attention when installing night sights.

So why take the risk of damaging your new sights, your gun, or BOTH? We carry night sights from quality companies like Trijicon, Meprolight, TruGLO, and others and we can install them correctly, usually while you wait, for just $45 plus the cost of the sights.