Safe Accessories


We carry a full line of accessories for your safe, allowing your for safe and easy storage of guns, and other items. Here are some of the accessories we carry:

  • Dry Rods and Dessicants
    Safes can trap humidity and moisture, making a dry rod or other dessicant a must-have accessory. This is especially true for safes located outside a temperature-controlled environment (like a garage). These devices help remove humidity from the environment inside your safe, protecting your firearms from rust and important documents from damage.
  • Lighting Kits
    If you need to access your safe in a hurry, a lighting kit is a must! Our lighting kits provide full lighting inside your safe, allowing you to access your firearms or other items quickly and easily. The lighting automatically turns on when you open your safe.
  • Gun Socks
    Protect your investment! Get your guns ready for long-term storage with these protective socks from Hyatt’s! The Silicone impregnated material wicks moisture away from guns to keep the weapon from rusting. We have socks in stock that fit handguns, long guns and even tactical rifles.