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Hyatt Farms Concealed Carry Concepts Defensive Shooting Class

You have your concealed carry permit...now what? This class is designed to answer that question by making you more comfortable and confident with drawing your firearm from concealment. This class starts with a review of laws regarding justified use of deadly force and what to do after a shooting takes place. On the range, we will cover the fundamentals of shooting as well as the proper way to clear clothing and master the draw stroke. We will cover point shoot, shooting from soft retention, shooting from the seated position, positional shooting, single hand shooting, and cover versus concealment and magazine reloads.

Prerequisite: Possess a valid concealed carry permit.



  • Your concealed carry firearm
  • 150 rounds of practice ammunition
  • Concealment holster
  • One extra magazine
  • Magazine holder
  • Eye and Ear Protection

Our retail store carries all of the equipment you need for this class, including ammuntion.

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